Learn Tagalog Online

Learn Tagalog Online

Achieve That Fluency In Tagalog Guided By A Native Speaker

Are you frustrated of:

  • Not being able to engage in a conversation with your extended Filipino family?
  • Feeling anxious of traveling to the Philippines for not being able to communicate with the locals?
  • Not being able to pass the Tagalog language on to your child?

Well, here's the solution:

I teach Tagalog online!

My One On One Premium Classes for both beginners and intermediate in Tagalog are designed for students who are self-motivated, diligent, and willing to be trained. They are adults of ages between 25 and 39 and I love them all!  They are action-takers. They are co-creators with me and I hold them accountable in their Tagalog journey...

I give my heart and soul to the right people and I can't wait for them to be able to:

  1. Speak Tagalog confidently, 
  2. Widen their Tagalog vocabulary, 
  3. Engage in a conversation with Filipino locals, 
  4. Write Tagalog words properly, and 
  5. Read Tagalog articles with better comprehension.

I meet my students on Skype and they're provided a portal to our Tagalog With Albine App.

Learn more about me and my desire to teach you the language.

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